A funeral Jar with the head of Hapy.

Hapy was the baboon-headed god who protected the lungs. He was one of the sons of Horus.

A Cat Mummy that looked more like a muppet.


The children of Bastet

Bastet was usually seen as a gentle protective goddess.

However, she sometimes appeared with the head of a lioness to protect the king in battle.

The cat was a symbol of Bastet, one of the daughters of the sun god, Ra.

A great temple was built in her honour at Bubastis in the Delta.

A few sketches from the Bowers Museum exhibit






(Thanks to the British Museum webpage for the information.)


Detail of a glazed bowl.



Two containers for perfume and eye makeup.

The wooden lotus slides on a hinge to reveal

a compartment for different eye paints.





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