Links to some cool webpages

Brainflak Industries- This is my friend Dan's webpage. Visit his portfolio to check out the MicroDinoRoboBabies as well as other interesting Flash pieces.

Darkling Eclectica - Can only be found here. Mike Payne's fun site includes information about his book "The Blood Jaguar"

BAO = Billy Art Online. Home of the famous Ill Drawing competition. If you can draw then you must go there!

Itsamac hosts this website. Chris and Tyler are the most helpful, most patient internet help desk guys on the planet. If you need a web hosting service this is the place to go.

Joel and Ruth McKinney teach at the University of South Dakota. They do amazing sculptures. Operating on the fundamental principle that "Life is good," they teach and sculpt, appreciating each and every day for the miracle it is.

Michelle Curtis is a great graphic designer. Check out her cool designs! And buy one of her "Bitter" tee-shirts. - A visual index to artists, musicians and all kinds of creative people! Martin Dace in England has put together a great collection of all different kinds of artists.

Johnny Automatic's website is a journey without a roadmap. It's a puzzle to be solved, a movie without a script, a trip down a dark alley, a pure sensory experience. And you can buy left-handed stuff. Some cool teeshirts and mugs for sale as well as comics.