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Hello From Marilyn!

5/14/03 I just added a new section of drawings and paper toys in the sketchbook section. I hope that you enjoy them!

3/18/02 I revised theArt Museums of Los Angeles and Orange County Section. I'm hoping to keep adding to it as time goes by. There are so many interesting things in art museums. Perhaps I'll write a book.

2/1/02 I was revising my portfolio and came across a few watercolors that I decided to post. I have the utmost respect for people that are good watercolorists. It is a pain in the backside to work with. Still, if you can get it to work the results can be very pleasant.

1/24/02 Added a silly picture of Jessica Rabbit dressed as Thor. Long story...ask me about it sometime...

11/17/01 I went to a meeting last night of some local designers and film makers. Great fun! I made a small SWF file as sort of a souvenir of the evening. If you would like to see it click here.

11/16/01 I've added links to Clement Cooper's wonderful photos of children on the sketchbook pictures page and also to Amazon.UK if you would like to buy one of his books. If you get a chance please check it out!

11/14/01 The whole webpage has been given a major overall. I'm working on revising the textiles section for my next project.