The Getty Center

The J. Paul Getty - Not a place to take toddlers, let me tell you. The garden has sharp metal borders, you can drive a minivan through the railings and there is only one bathroom in the whole place and it doesn't have a changing table. BUT it is a beautiful space and the view of Santa Monica is lovely. Lots of wonderful art just get a baby-sitter.

UPDATE 11/20/01 They have added bathrooms and changing tables. Benches and railings around the fountains have been put up as well to keep people from walking right into the fountains. The "family area" is still the size of a large closet but our little Warhol in training had a great time. He especially like the tram ride to the museum from the parking structure.


This is just a sketch of a small lion head. I forgot to write down anything about it.

Three ceramic animals, maybe they are giraffes, maybe they are horses.

I just thought they were cute.I added the colors myself.

Alexander Dumas, author of "The Three Musketeers" The Man in the Iron Mask" and The Count of Monte Cristo"